For many people at-home internet is a legitimate business need, especially those that are responsible for technology maintenance. Server have problems at 2 in the morning and the company needs eyes on the problem immediately? Then an admin that can VPN to the server and look at the problem is essential. Internet… » 2/26/15 5:33pm Yesterday 5:33pm

I think Microsoft phrased the upgrade weirdly. When they say that it's free for the first year, they mean "If you upgrade to Windows 10 within a year of it coming out, there's no charge". They are not saying that after a year, you have to pay for Windows 10. » 2/26/15 12:21pm Yesterday 12:21pm

Most of my favorite animations like Gargoyles and Batman: TAS were in the 90's, but I was more a teen by the time those came out. Favorite cartoon as a kid in the 80's was probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though I watched lots of Saturday Morning cartoons around that time. » 2/26/15 11:08am Yesterday 11:08am

Have to say, as a 34 year old I enjoy gritty games on my PC all the time. Titanfall, the occasional Fallout or Skyrim replay, Mass Effect, Diablo 3, all games I play regularly on my PC. For me a great escape is a post-apocalyptic wasteland or a devastated countryside. » 2/26/15 10:16am Yesterday 10:16am

I know I had reservations about whether or not to go full NCR. I mean even if someone goes full goody-goody, New Vegas raised questions as towards what's really the best for the region. You can support the NCR but in some ways the NCR is bloated and tramples on the freedom of those who live in New Vegas. You can… » 2/25/15 3:14pm Wednesday 3:14pm

This reboot wasn't meant for kids, it was meant for the 2o-30 year olds that still remember the original series. I feel like you're using the same kind of reasoning as people used to defend the Comic Book Authority back in the day. I'm 34, I enjoyed the fan film, just like I enjoy many other violent things on the web. » 2/25/15 1:53pm Wednesday 1:53pm

And there can be a modern PR reboot that *does* do this to be good. I get that there are some people that hate grimdark, but why can't those people accept that other people appreciate it and find it entertaining? If you don't like a grimdark reboot of something that's fine, just rewatch the original. But to act as… » 2/24/15 2:11pm Tuesday 2:11pm

Many comic book movies aren't all that black and white, though. I mean did you see Captain America 2? One of the main parts of the movie was Steve learning to question the government he was working for and reflect on the true nature of freedom. Heck, same thing with Iron Man where Stark learns that his corporations… » 2/24/15 6:00am Tuesday 6:00am

You pay to build up skill in some arcade games, but many other arcade games were straight up quarter munchers. Street Fighter Alpha 3 was never considered a quarter muncher, the arcade fight game genre in general wasn't. Now the brawlers, many of the shooters, and some shmups fall under the category of quarter… » 2/24/15 8:47am Tuesday 8:47am

This is why I love project managers and a proper ticket system. "Can you do X?" Maybe, but any shoulder tap that's going to take me more than 10 minutes is going to be dropped in favor of something that's gone through the system properly and assigned to the proper person. » 2/23/15 5:24pm Monday 5:24pm