There are times when calling someone out is ok. I mean if someone goes on a nonsensical rant that is misinformed, filled with generalizations, and logically just doesn't make sense, why shouldn't I or anyone else respond and back that up as logically as they can? I agree that there are a lot of times where logical… » 10/21/14 11:27am Yesterday 11:27am

In a bit of cartoon music nerdery, in My Little Pony there is a song called This Day Aria sang by two characters, the real Princess Cadence and her evil doppleganger. Surprise surprise, when the real one sings it uses a cord known as 'authentic cadence',and when the doubleganger sings, the cord is called 'deceptive… » 10/20/14 5:02pm Monday 5:02pm

Will the movie have Discord? Please have Discord! I don't enjoy every MLP episode, but man does John de Lancie make every episode he's in awesome. It's like the thought process for this character was "You know how awesome Q was in Star Trek? Let's stick him in a children's cartoon!" » 10/20/14 7:54am Monday 7:54am

Blink's also a good introductory episode. Not only is it one of the best episodes, but it's so good at being self-contained. The main character, Sally, is as clueless as any new viewer. The episode doesn't reference anything that happens before or afterwards that I remember. So for anyone I know that asks about… » 10/17/14 2:12pm Friday 2:12pm