Eh, a lot of bad assumptions there. Personally I do appreciate it when someone else is a geek and shares my interests, my wife is a bigger geek in some areas than I am. We watch anime together, she drags me to see the latest comic book movies. When we first started dating we made up some of the strongest raid healers… » 4/17/14 8:53am Thursday 8:53am

My favorite recently was the Lemon Hope episode. First I was amazed that they were pretty much making fun of North Korean propaganda at the beginning. But then the episode takes a fantastic turn where Lemon Hope questions that since he's free, doesn't that mean he should be able to determine what he does with his own… » 4/16/14 8:25am Wednesday 8:25am

Dead Space. Heard some people say good things about it but I was passing it off as just a generic horror title. Later saw it was cheap on Origin, and thought I'd give it a chance. Not long into it I found it being one of the more immersive FPS games I'd ever played. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the characters, and… » 4/15/14 3:48pm Tuesday 3:48pm

Everything's so positive because it was an excellent animated musical that came after a huge gaping drought of excellent animated musicals. The last Disney film that had audiences singing was Mulan with "Be a Man", I think. There's been an entire generation of kids that up until Frozen, hadn't seen a Disney musical in… » 4/15/14 12:54pm Tuesday 12:54pm